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Prescott Win (2).jpg

My daughter and I first became interested in this breed in 2003, and after a lot of thought and research, we adopted our first cavalier, my daughter's beloved pet, Lizzy.   She quickly proved that everything we had heard, read, and hoped for, was true. She will always be the standard by which we judge our cavaliers' temperaments.

I am a member of the CKCSC, USA and I have served as an officer on the board of our local AKC Regional Cavalier Club. 

I am proud to co-chair that club's all breed OFA health clinics.

I am constantly learning and improving my breeding program and show skills through seminars, classes, reading and friendships with other breeders/mentors.


This website is meant to showcase our dogs and promote the breed. Although we will have pictures of our available puppies from time to time, we never place puppies without meeting and evaluating potential new owners to determine that our precious pups are getting the best home possible, and that the prospective new family understands all the responsibilities and requirements of ownership.


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